Trip Report: British Airways Terraces Lounge, Berlin Tegel Airport

Berlin’s Tegel airport (TXL) won’t win many prizes for best European airport and neither will the British Airways Terraces Lounge there either. To be fair, the investment in this airport has been slowed, as the focus was on the new Brandenburg airport which was due to supersede Tegel. However, this has been very much delayed. Add to this the recent problems with Air Berlin, for which Tegel is its home base, and you shouldn’t expect to see much happening in this airport or this Lounge any time soon.

I visited in the early afternoon. To be honest, I wasn’t flying with BA, but with a OneWorld partner airline and this was the only lounge available to me. The Lounge is almost hidden away in the corner of the terminal and you’ll need to go up a floor or two to access it. There is an elevator or you can take a spiral staircase.

I could have edited that photo to improve it a little, but I thought it best to preserve the gloominess of the area! The staff in the Lounge were very friendly and did manage to brighten things up. The Lounge area was spacious enough. Immediately after the entrance area there was an array of soft furnishings and low tables on the right, a bar area in the middle, and a more upright sitting area towards the far end and round to the side.

It was pretty busy when I was there and we were relegated over to the less comfy seats. The food and beverage offerings left a lot to be desired. I purposefully took the below photograph at an angle to show how little there was available in terms of food. Mostly, some crisps and nuts, which were at dangerously low levels for the entirety of my stay there and were not replenished, and a soggy cheese tomato roll or two!

The drinks situation was slightly better. The usual collections of soft drinks, spirits, wines, and beers. The wines were pretty rough, but since we were in Germany, the beer was good!

Now, I’m quite prepared to accept the fact that perhaps the entire offering for food wasn’t available. I can only assume this is the case given all of the empty space I observed. However, it was around 5.00pm and the lounge was quite busy, so if the food selection wasn’t ready at this time, then it should have been.

Another slight anomaly with this Lounge was the location of the toilets. There were none either in the Lounge or directly adjacent to it. You had to leave the Lounge and walk across to the side of the terminal, pass through a public bar/restaurant area, and then use some public toilets. This sounds worse than it is and is obviously a reflection of the curious layout and history of this terminal!

Overall, this was a rather disappointing Lounge and if there had been better options in the public area, I would probably have left and used them, alas there weren’t so I didn’t!


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