Hotel Review: La Siesta Trendy, Hanoi

If you are looking for a hotel right smack in the middle of Hanoi and close to the action, La Siesta Trendy is the place for you!

There are of course many hotels in Hanoi. Some big, some small, but I think it would be hard to get the kind of balance that this place achieves. It is a small, boutique hotel, but its service quality is really outstanding! The lobby area and the mezzanine area is shown below.

When we arrived, relatively late in the evening, we were treated like royalty, but not in an uncomfortable or stunted formal way. It was classy, effective, and friendly. A refreshing drink in the lobby, a wipe down with a hot towel, a few registration details and off to our room we went.

There are no rooms in this hotel that accommodate four people so we booked adjoining rooms, a double for us and a two single beds for our kids next door. The rooms were small but not basic! They had everything that you might need: a great bed, plenty of storage space, a desk, mini-bar setup, bottled water replaced daily, and a toilet/shower area that was well finished. In fact, all of the finishing and furnishing in the hotel was to a high standard. Some pics of the rooms below…

Now, or thing I would mention about the rooms is that it is very easy to book a room that has no natural light. This may or may not be a problem for you. The room shown above has a ‘real’ window with the real world outside it, but there is not much of a view to speak of for any of the rooms really. One of the other rooms had no windows, but if you are planning to use the room to just bed down for the night and sleep, it’s probably OK. The price difference was minimal anyhow, about $50 per night or thereabouts… it’s great value!

Although the rooms are great, the breakfast area and indeed the food there is really outstanding! They had a great selection of fruits, salads, European, and oriental dishes, as well as egg dishes cooked to order. The staff were very friendly and quite frankly couldn’t have done more for us. The actual breakfast area is upstairs and there are some nice, if realistic, views out over the city.

While you might want to start your day at the top of the hotel at breakfast, there’s a downstairs bar area in which you can finish it with a cocktail or two. It’s a classy and quiet little retreat after a busy day in the city. The drinks are a little more expensive here than in many other establishments in the area, but by Western standards they are very reasonable. The staff are super friendly here too!

Of all the places we stayed while in Vietnam, this was the most down to earth, lowest cost, and I think, the one I enjoyed the most. Visiting Hanoi? Stay here!!


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