Trip Report: DAA Executive Lounge at Dublin Airport Terminal 1

The T1 DUblin Airport Authority (DAA) Executive Lounge has been open for many years but it has been recently refurbished and had a complete makeover. It’s still located airside, one floor up, just after Security in T1 (although it is equally accessible from T2 since both terminals are connected airside).

This lounge is not the most luxurious compared to other lounges, but it is more than satisfactory. You can access the lounge using a Priority Pass card or if you are travelling in a premium cabin or have status with any of the airlines flying from T1 (although not Aer Lingus, since they have their own lounge in T2).

The biggest change in the lounge since its previous incarnation is that the food area is on the right hand side of the lounge and the alcoholic bar is on the left hand side. The lounge opens at 4.45am so is handy for a quick breakfast if you are taking an early flight. I was doing just this and there was a very pleasant breakfast spread: pastries, cereals, fruits, juices, and coffee, and the usual soft drinks.

Around the dining area there were very many small tables and chairs. Actually, the smallness of the tables was a problem. If you had any number of people around the table there was vey little space to put down more than a few plates and cups. 

The effect of the changes at the lounge has been to dramatically increase the number of seats and hence the number of guests that the lounge can accommodate. This is most evident over at the left hand side of the lounge: there are myriad chairs and tables.

Another change in the lounge is at the new bar area. Previously it was a self service bar area, but there is now a manned bar. The drink selection seems the same though, but perhaps the amount served will be limited in some way.

For those not wishing to drink, but perhaps do some work, there are numerous workspace areas and plenty of power outlets at desk level and even around all of the tables. As ever, the staff were very friendly and helpful at the reception desk, where it should be noted there is an excellent selection of newspapers available.

On balance this is an improvement to the old lounge: it’s more roomy, brighter, and generally just much fresher. Well worth a visit if you are passing through.


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