Flight Deal: Venice to Bangkok in Business Class on Qatar Airways for €1328/£1170


There’s (yet) another excellent deal out of Venice to Bangkok on Qatar Airways in Business Class. A mere €1328 for the roundtrip ticket. There’s lots of availability for the next few months, and of course both the hard and soft product on Qatar are excellent. You can even go tomorrow and you don’t even need to stay for a full week!

There are several routing options to choose from, and I’ve included a screen grab below.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 15.35.15

You want to choose the Business Promo Fare. As you can see, it’s not available every day. For example, you can’t select it on Saturday 1 July. However, even tomorrow, there are lots of options for the cheaper fare of €667.42 (outbound only). There are at least five options available, all with different departure times from DOH to BKK. Choose carefully. There are several different aircraft types available on this routing, all showing at the same discounted price. For me, the obvious choice would be to take the Airbus A380 aircraft option from DOH with the onboard bar area, although you could take a 777 or a 787 if the timings suited you better.

Discounted fares from VCE have been around for a while and they tend to come and go, so book soon if this is of interest. You might also be able to get an extra 5% or 10% off if you enter the code ‘ONTHEGO’ into the Promo Code field if you are booking from the mobile app.


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